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Holy Cow!

Well I consider myself a Chicago dog and Italian beef expert. I am from Chicago but moved away long ago. The dog and beef were spot on, the real thing. I consider Italian beef as the king of all sandwiches and these folks have their own recipe which is far superior to any chain. The lady behind the counter supplied grumpy but good natured banter. A real fun place to visit. Can't wait to go back.

you guys do a valuable service for ex-Chicago people"

Customer Buying Salerno Butter Cookies 1-30-2020

Authentic CHICAGO Style!!

First Off The Place Is A "Museum Of Chicago, And Chicago Area" Memorabilia!! The People That Run The Place Are An Absolute Blast To Visit With, And Very Accommodating!! The Dogs, And Beef Are AWESOME!! I Would Highly Recommend This Place To Anyone Who Is Hungry, And Looking For "Comfort Food",


Best Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

If you want an authentic Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich, without traveling a thousand miles back to Chi-Town, then you have to try this place. It's a real hidden gem. I recommend adding the peppers and Jays potato chips to the order (sorry, I'm a purest). And walah, be prepared for both a truly mouthwatering experience and a return of your mid-west accent. Finish it off with Salerno Butter Cookies, and the experience is complete. The restaurant is full of Chicago memorabilia, a real trip down memory lane. Just a tip from experience, if you order this sandwich to go, be sure to get the au jus sauce on the side. And there are a couple great microbreweries along this stretch of Colfax where you can pair this food with a wonderful craft beer. Enjoy!

PhyllisY_12 St. George, Utah July 22, 2017